Tobias Webb now thriving…

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Warren's propensity to lose fighters...

WarrenFrank Warren’s propensity to lose fighters from his stable confirms the derision in which he is held. A mixture of cold fish indifference and financial skulduggery are just two perceived reasons put forward by boxing fans as to the cause. One can safely assume this is something that does not worry him, as he holds all the cards he merely sees boxers as a conveyor belt of opportunity. Irreverent claims of saving boxing in this country, is at odds with his modus operandi – one could easily argue he brings the sport into disrepute!

Tony Bellew has refused to fight on Box Nation

Tony Bellew had already refused to fight on Warren’s Box Nation Channel, which was tantamount to saying ‘I want out!’ It is believed that Bellew’s solicitors said "As of Monday 21st May 2012 his contract with Frank Warren Promotions Limited came to an end at the fighter’s request." The 29-year-old’s team have told the Liverpool Echo that: "FWP has received notification of this through email and a hard copy is in the post. Bellew now considers himself no longer tied to Warren and able to sign a deal with a new promoter as a free agent."

Sky will not touch Bellew - Frank Warren

The story is almost certainly true because of what Warren himself said. In a most recent interview with Jim Rosenthal the promoter admitted the outburst had taken place and then set about ridiculing the boxer by pretending to support him. He openly talked of an email received from Skysports saying that they ‘would not touch’ Bellew. Making that piece of information public seems a very strange thing to do and one cannot be sure how that helps the situation? One would seriously advise Warren not to play games like that with Team Cleverly - they are an educated outfit and if he treats them like fools they will opt out contract or no contract!

Tobias Webb walks out on Frank Warren

Warren has now lost Tobias Webb

He has now lost another good young fighter with the young and exciting super middleweight Tobias Webb (23) refusing to renew his contract and who could blame him? The Racing Horse asked the boxer how many conversations he had with Warren about his career and the consequent building of it, he replied in a split second: "None – not one!" Any boxing fan would find that answer quite remarkable, how can a promoter and a boxer not talk about  the building of a career?

History will record that Maccarinelli was thrown to the dogs!

Of course, Webb would have witnessed close up, the manner in which the promoter had treated with disdain the career of his uncle and once world level operator Enzo Maccarinelli. It is true, under Warren’s tenure he became a world champion but this was in spite of his actions and not because of them! There was no semblance of a plan or care - wrong fights at the wrong weight and at wrong time was testament to Warren’s casual disregard. History will record that Maccarinelli was thrown to the dogs.

Promoter Paul Boyce - doing magnificent work in the region.

Luckily, Tobias is intelligent and has realised his best chance of success was to break the link. He has now joined the progressive South-Wales promoter Paul Boyce who is doing magnificent work in the region. He is hands on and assembled a team to bring out the best in his new boxer. Given the raw materials and the talent he can take the boxer upwards and within a proper framework.

Webb is thriving

Because of this Webb is thriving under the new regime. He feels part of a family who actually care about his future, his aspirations and his well being. His trainer Darren Pullman is mixing old and new training techniques and giving total commitment. Hard work, attention to detail and the enthusiasm in which Pullman carries out his duties show a passion beyond duty. The trainer is a real student of boxing and when he is not training he can be found reading and absorbing boxing history.

Bromfield lends a hand...

The trainer has some help and is being ably backed up by the legendary Welsh trainer Jimmy Bromfield, and his role is to watch the preparation with an astute eye and help when needed. Bromfield was responsible for 12 Welsh champions and five British champions and his experience will prove invaluable in the months and years ahead. With these two professionals in Webb’s corner the fighter will not want for help and advice.

First target is Welsh Title

Surrounded by boxing professionals Tobias’s first target will be the Welsh title but that will only be the start. Bromfield knows what a champion looks like and he told us: "He is certainly dedicated. Webb is in love with game and has both the potential and pedigree to go far. All the early signs are very positive!"

Just one defeat and there were extenuating circumstances

To date Tobias Webb has recorded seven wins from nine fights losing just once to Rocky Fielding in ‘Prizefighter’ but there were extenuating circumstances that night. Webb had fought more rounds and had far less recovery time when the call came to meet Fielding in the final. Fatigue was the enemy that night and much less so the boxer. His next and first fight for the new regime is at The Bluebell Hotel in Neath, South Wales against Darren McKenna.

Our friend Terence Dooley of picked up this story:

Paul Boyce who is Licensed with British Boxing Board of Control presents Professional Boxing at Neath Sports Centre Cwrt Herbert and then hospitality at the Bluebell Hotel in Neath on Saturday 16 June 2012 with exciting prospect Tobias Webb boxing locally for the first time as a professional. Tickets are available from Paul Boyce Promotions 01639 821110. Reserved Ringside Table: £50.00pp and Unreserved seating: £30.00. Doors open 6pm. First Bell: 7.30pm. Licensed bar available.

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