Frank Warren and his ‘cold fish’ indifference…

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Our most recent article about how Frank Warren treats his fighters has caused quite a stir and when wanted to publish it there were threatening noises made by FWP and their legal team. At The Racing Horse we believe real journalism is printing the truth whilst remaining objective.

Terrence Dooley of apologised to us for not printing our story in full but you can read it again here:

Since then Tony Bellew has ALLEGEDLY spoken to to reiterate his belief that his managerial and promotional contracts with Frank Warren and Frank Warren Promotions Limited came to an end at his request and that he is a free agent who can explore his options with other promotional outfits. Bellew sent out written notification of the change in his status, prompting a swift response from FWP, who claimed that the fighter is still tied to them via a statement that they sent to The ECHO newspaper.

‘Tony Bellew has a legally binding and exclusive promotional agreement with Frank Warren Promotions Ltd,’ stated FWP. ‘In addition to that he has a British Boxing Board of Control Boxer-Manager agreement with Frank Warren. Tony Bellew is not at liberty to determine either contract without going through the proper channels as per the terms of those agreements. Unless and until he brings a successful challenge then they remain in full force and effect. Needless to say, any attempt to ignore either binding agreement or to pre-determine the same will be defended by Frank Warren and Frank Warren Promotions Ltd.’

As stated above, Warren insists that he has a managerial contract in place with the Liverpudlian, who regained the British title he vacated in order to challenge for Nathan Cleverly’s WBO 175 belt last October by beating Danny McIntosh last month. Bellew now firmly believes that his future is now in his own hands. He allegedly said: "I’m a free agent, whether Frank wants to accept that or not – he’s got no choice in it. It is a massive decision, but I’ve been left to rot on the shelf. I had no choice but to do this because I’ve got a family to feed." He continued: "I have to look after number one and prioritise a bit now in my career. If it comes to a fight then I’ll fight because I believe I wasn’t being looked after and my people can prove that, so I expect a fair hearing and to be treated fairly. I am confident. I know that my case will be heard very fairly and thoroughly. All we need to do is come with the facts – that is it. I can’t get into a lot of things right now, but things will come out in the end. There are things that go on in boxing that are great for the promoter, not so great for the boxer, and that’s got to change."

Our article underlined how Warren just does not get it! He thinks he can disrespect his fighters. He withholds funds and pays little attention to the person. Talking to Tobias Webb he told The Racing Horse that in all the time he had spent under Warren he had not a single conversation about his career and where it was going.

Bellew was ringside at the Nottingham Arena for Carl Froch’s win over Lucian Bute. The 29-year-old roared "The Cobra" on prompting rumours that "Bomber" is destined to sign with Matchroom. Bellew, though, warned people against adding two and two together and coming up with five. Bellew said: "I was there on Saturday, as everyone could see, because I was there to support Carl Froch. It was great to see Carl win, but you also saw how passionate this guy Eddie Hearn is about his fighters. It is heart warming to see a guy who cares about his fighters, it really is. I speak to Carl on many occasions. Carl doesn’t look at Eddie as a business partner, he looks at him as someone he can pick the phone up and speak to – I want that type of relationship with someone."

Bellew reiterated his position before signing off: "I’m a free agent. I can speak to anyone I want to – it is that simple."

Warren is likely to point out that he guided Bellew to British and Commonwealth light-heavyweight belts plus a "top four" title crack. Indeed, WBO titlist Nathan Cleverly, who is also tied to Warren, today stated that he will accommodate Bellew’s calls for a rematch and FWP will no doubt try to make that bout a reality in a bid to repair a relationship that looks to be irreparable. The most likely scenario is that Bellew and FWP will have to quickly come to an agreement over their polarised positions in order reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion and draw a line under the dispute so that all the parties concerned can move on.

We have asked FWP to comment on the views of The Racing Horse and to give them a chance to put their side of the story but they have declined.

We want to make it perfectly clear that the words or views of Tony Bellew DO NOT represent those of The Racing Horse. We have also stressed that at this moment in time Tony Bellew remains contracted to FWP irrespective of the comments he made to the Liverpool Echo.

Update Wednesday 27 June 2012: Since the above article was written Frank Warren's solicitors have threatened The Racing Horse with legal action! We find the threats both bullying and frivolous. We are currently in discussions to resolve and find a way that does not impose on the integrity of our site. We have promised and dedicated ourselves to honesty and transparency!

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  1. The Racing Horse has just spent some considerable time on the phone with Vince Cleverly. He (Vince Cleverly) wanted to make it emphatically clear that he has 100% trust in Frank Warren in all things pertaining to his son Nathan Clevery and his boxing career! He rightly reminded us that there are two sides to any story. There was so much in the conversation that we will put a little blog together later today and pass on his thoughts!

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