Frank Warren to close The Racing Horse!

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We have less than 48 hours to save this site. After writing a considered and honest article about Frank Warren and the boxers that leave his management, we have been told by his solicitors that our piece 'Frank Warren and his cold fish indifference' is slanderous and they are about to start libel proceedings against us. The Racing Horse has exchanged views with partners Leo Dawkins and Hanna Bash of PSB Law LLP (acting for Frank Warren and Frank Warren Promotions Limited). Hanna Basha has told us a conviction would mean our site being forcibly shut down!

We are considering our position though feel we have only expressed information widely available in the public domain, including the Liverpool Echo and a number of other publications. At this moment in time we feel we are being bullied with the threat of legal action. We are friends of boxers who have left and currently with Frank Warren and have always respected the privacy of converstations especially those of a financial nature. We are honoured bound not to reveal those conversations.

Our personal opinions have always been measured and constructive and we only want what is best for boxing. Within the piece itself we gave Frank Warren the chance to reply, which he refused, and confirmed their position with the Bellew position. In the name of balance we also relayed a conversation with Vince Cleverly where he said 'he had the utmost faith in the promoter' and he reminded us there was 'two sides to the story.' We were happy to print those views and used bold fonts to express them.

We have a log, letters, phone calls and email evidence of all of the above.

Obviously because of the stress of today we have not had chance to look at tomorrow's racing and offer our sincerest apologies. Hence, there will be no Pacafi Bet for Tuesday. We have not had time to talk about our marvellous day yesterday where all three Pacafi Bets won and we told our reader Borderlescott would not beat our selection. A brilliant day spoilt by the actions of FWP!

If our readers have thoughts on the above we would love to hear from them and promise to keep their views private. Likewise, if we have someone who understands libel law then please contact us. Up to most recently we had access to the Betfair lawyers but now we have gone freelance that option is no longer open to us...

Once we have concluded our position we will chronologically explain the arguments between ourselves and PSB Law LLP and make available the information from them to The Racing Horse! It makes for bizarre reading.

Today's Pacafi: click here

4 Responses to Frank Warren to close The Racing Horse!

  1. Yur Betty says:

    You have spelt chronoligically wrong

    • Paul Moon says:

      Thanks Yur Betty, appreciate that.

      Hate findng spelling mistakes, sometimes I find them a month later. Does look bad but sometimes I am under so much pressure for time.

      Great email address by the way!


  2. Yur Betty says:

    Thanks. Love the website. Who’s Frank Warren?

    • Paul Moon says:

      Frank Warren is someone that has said ‘people have an opinion and are entitled to express it.’

      Our opinion of him is very low! He has admitted to have issued over 40 writs mainly against newspapers over various negative comments. Due to the amount of writs that has been issued in his career, Boxrec an internet website, prevents his name from appearing in print and instead the word “allegedly” appears in place of his name. Other popular forums have been forced to censor his surname to prevent legal action being taken against them.

      At The Racing Horse we have merely expressed our opinions based on what we have seen, what we know and what we have read over a number of wide ranging publications. We have worked with boxers who are currently with him and those who have left him and have an insight as to how he does business.

      Betty, you are the first to know but we are so upset about this frivolous litigation we are taking advice as to proceed against him! More to follow on our main page later today or early tomorrow morning!

      Thanks for your interest…


      Here is what wikipedia has said:

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