Le pen is dead – long live the sword!

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The Racing Horse believed Arsenal missed a chance in August 2012 to change an erroneous mindset. We penned a piece titled 'Le Professeur de Strasbourg' and it is as relevant today as it was over two years ago. See: 


Jam tomorrow

Genuine football fans universally concur that under Wenger's stewardship Arsenal's exquisite style of play made for an excellent if somewhat dreamy philosophy. Initially it brought success but the consensus is that teams built by Arsène Wenger are no longer able to compete at the top table and a promise of jam tomorrow satisfies no one!

A great man but he has become the problem

One of the finest coaches in world football has now become a caricature of himself and that is a shame, he does not deserve this ending! He has become a bore and exhausted the patience of his most loyal supporters as well as the neutral. He is now become the single biggest problem at Arsenal football club and has to leave at the end of this season. A week and a day after beating Hull in the FA Cup Final would be the fitting time to announce his departure!


Obstinacy and denial cancel vision and artistry leaving a minus!

Back in August 2012 we implored: “Obstinacy and denial remain his biggest problem. Clearly he has denied everything obvious about the shortcomings of himself, his team and the strength of the opposition. The solution was for a mix of fit combatants and hard edge experience to underpin his vision and artistry. He did not have to compromise his core beliefs, had he bolstered the side ‘a la physical’ it would have enabled fruition not denied it!”

Tactically overtaken

Since then he has been tactically overtaken by other managers compounding his situation. What bewilders the hoi polloi is that a man with so much intelligence refuses to accept the realities of the modern game. In the last match against Everton the memory of Wenger rooted to his bench, seemingly aware that any contribution he could make was futile will live in the memory. From here we will never be able to take him seriously again as a top class manager. We look forward to reading this chapter in his autobiography once he has left the game.

History will record...

History will record Wenger a flawed genius! His eye for uncovering and nurturing talent is unparalleled in world football – there is no one better at that aspect of management! Unfortunately, it takes much more than that to win the top prizes. For the first time he looks an old man in a young man's game. It is now time for him to step aside. There has also been no sign of Wenger signing a contract extension beyond the end of the season, which has led to speculation the Frenchman could be heading for the exit. Conversely and dare we use the phrase voyeuristically, we would like to see him continuing managing elsewhere just to see if he can still cut it with a fresh canvas, we do not know it but we doubt it!

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