Say No to Bullying!

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Members and readers have asked when will The Racing Horse be back in business and the answer is quite soon! Because of illness and an impending court case our attention had to be directed elsewhere, it was not what we wanted. Thanks for all the kind words and best wishes and special thanks to Chuck, Imran, Richard, Julie, Frederik and David. I could not believe your generosity. When we had problems with Boxing Promoter Frank Warren we had people in Ireland, America, Sweden, Holland, Korea and Australia pledging money into a fight fund and the same thing has happened again. I am so humbled. I believe I have answered all the emails and phone messages, if not please give me a nudge!

More than a few have asked for details of the litigation but I am unable to talk about that for the time being,  I can say the case involves bullying and harassment in the workplace and I have promised help to employees affected in that Company. I hope that explains my position for now. One thing I have come to realise is how bullying can make one feel, it can destroy a person and I have witnessed that first hand. As a consequence I have learnt much about this heinous act and in the case concerned readily recognise the individuals who make up A, B, C, D, E, F, and G and of course the victim, see the image below. This cycle of bullying is exactly how it works. 


I think every school, college, university and workplace should prominently display this chart.

On a personal note I have been using the Pacafi when time allows and it continues to make money. I believe that I might have found an extra 2% or so but conscious that June and July are historically good months to make money from betting on horses! I do hope to be up and running officially for 1st September 2014 but will post selections FREE OF CHARGE from the middle of August.

Once again thanks for the kind words. I will send an email alert once I have more information or something serious to talk about, but if I have something general to say will post it as a blog...

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We are not just for the professionals, we treat general sports injury, prevention and rehabilitation of injury, including repetitive strain injury. Age is not a barrier, we welcome retired women and men.


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