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The Racing Horse is about to relax its position regarding accepting new members but be assured there will never be more than 100 members of our Pacafi100 Club. We have added to our ranks but need to remind them we do not need the numbers game. With this in mind we are publishing our latest figures and want to make it very clear we are not a get rich quick scheme! What the results show is that we do NOT LOSE MONEY when betting whilst 98% of others do! Please view the results and then ask yourselves is The Racing Horse for you? There will be no hard feelings if you decide our incremental gain nature is not what you are looking for.

Within our directory blue denotes profit and red denotes loss and to a £1 level stake. These are not best prices or Betfair SP. Good housekeeping could easily improve on the figures...

The Racing Horse Directory.

June-13 Selections 49 Win 30 Lose 19 S/R 61% P/L £19.85 Balance £19.85
July-13 Selections 30 Win 17 Lose 13 S/R 57% P/L £8.50 Balance £28.35
August-13 Selections 30 Win 20 Lose 10 S/R 67% P/L £12.08 Balance £40.43
September-13 Selections 33 Win 11 Lose 22 S/R 33% P/L £9.79 Balance £30.64
October-13 Selections 23 Win 13 Lose 10 S/R 57% P/L £4.58 Balance £35.22
November-13 Selections 34 Win 17 Lose 17 S/R 50% P/L £4.49 Balance £30.73
December-13 Selections 29 Win 15 Lose 14 S/R 52% P/L £3.19 Balance £33.92
Total Selections (2013): 228 Win 123 Lose 105 S/R 54% Profit £33.92

January-14 Selections 27 Win 15 Lose 12 S/R 56% P/L £3.05 Balance £3.05
February-14 Selections 24 Win 16 Lose 8 S/R 67% P/L £7.25 Balance £10.30
March-14 Selections 19 Win 12 Lose 7 S/R 63% P/L £6.32 Balance £16.62
April-14 Selections 20 Win 12 Lose 8 S/R 60% P/L £3.18 Balance £19.80
May-14 Selections 42 Win 23 Lose 19 S/R 55% P/L £4.61 Balance £24.41
September-14 Selections 16 Win 12 Lose 4 S/R 75% P/L £6.69 Balance £31.10
October-14 Selections 23 Win 13 Lose 10 S/R 57% P/L £5.62 Balance £36.72
November-14 Selections 25 Win 15 Lose 10 S/R 60% P/L £2.40 Balance £39.12
December-14 Selections 22 Win 11 Lose 11 S/R 50% P/L £0.61 Balance £38.51
Total Selections (2014): 218 Win 129 Lose 89 S/R 59% Profit £38.51

January-15 Selections 26 Win 13 Lose 13 S/R 50% P/L £3.42 Balance £3.42
February-15 Selections 20 Win 10 Lose 10 S/R 50% P/L £1.01 Balance £2.41
March-15 Selections 18 Win 11 Lose 7 S/R 61% P/L £5.28 Balance £2.87

Grand Totals (2013-15): 510 Win 286 Lose 224 S/R 56% Profit £75.30


Honesty is key to The Racing Horse!

When gambling it is important to be honest and responsible because some who bet are vulnerable. Losing can hurt and sometimes beyond the individual who places the stake, so we are particularly mindful not to promise what cannot be delivered. Running our site takes an enormous amount of work for very little reward emotionally and financially. Despite showing profits, one single bad month can decimate membership and provoke hostile mail. We have received that sort of thing but because our mantra is one of honesty most appreciate that, and give us time to recover from a poor run.

Our advice and information carries and brings responsibility and pressure!

Providing information and knowing that people’s money was riding on our advice is huge responsibility and brings pressure. At every opportunity we remind folk that our gains are real but of an incremental type. We remind that our style will not suit the vast majority of punters. When we give a selection we attempt to explain our rationale borne out of the Pacafi strategy. We do have a winning mentality and hope to pass that on. Failing that we trust the information contained within the bet, though sometimes obvious, is of use to the reader so that he/she may benefit with his/her own thought processes...

Please ask for our results showing the individual results.

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The Racing Horse does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss that may be sustained as a result of the use of information contained in the Pacafi Bet strategy. The Racing Horse does not and cannot be held liable for losses resulting from the use of information contained within

All information contained is for entertainment purposes only…

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