The Final Curtain?

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The Racing Horse was one of the founder writers for Betfair and we offered our opinions and solutions on a range of sports but especially football. Nearly 5 years ago (August 2012) we identified an incestuous problem with Arsenal . We had not sought to knock a national treasure but merely to report an unhealthy relationship. Our analysis was right then and it still applies now though this great club Arsenal have managed to find a new low - here is exactly what we said:


.Le Professeur de Strasbourg (28th August 2012).

Under the direction of 'Le Professeur de Strasbourg', football fans universally concur that his team’s exquisite style of play is beautiful on the eye and makes for an excellent if somewhat dreamy philosophy. Never has a team so dramatically interpreted the mood of an individual manager. Without question, teams built by Arsène Wenger give immense artistic pleasure but alas, football is not a beauty contest!

For several years now we have enjoyed watching his teams produce versions of the pen versus the mighty sword but now the tide has turned and last season was defining! One of the finest coaches in modern day football was in danger of becoming a tiresome bore and that was a shame. His constant whinging about the physical aspect of the Premier League, a situation partly of his own making, now exhausts the patience of his fans and neutrals alike.

For the first time since his tenure, Wenger's histoire counts for less than it ever has and another season without a major trophy will be the last for the manager!

It is true that Arsenal get 'roughed up' by the opposition because they are physically and mentally weak. Wenger's obsession of playing so many young artisans carrying a light frame compounds the problem. What bewilders the hoi polloi is that a man with so much intelligence refuses to accept the harsh realities of the modern game. Once approachable, the manager now responds with a visible and obvious irritation when this subject is broached. The endless questions as to why Arsenal refuse to employ generous cash reserves on transfers frustrates Wenger further and the Frenchman has taken to limiting media access. Unfortunately this is a situation that can only get worse.

It is well known that funds have been available and he should have strengthened his side before now. Is it coincidental that the passive frame of mind within the club contributes directly to the long injury list? The disproportionate amount of injuries suffered by Arsenal suggests that Wenger return players before they are ready.

History tells us that Wenger is a flawed genius! His eye for uncovering and nurturing talent is unparalleled in world football - there is no one better at that aspect of management! Unfortunately, it takes more than that to win the top prizes. Arsenal must make the necessary adjustments and concentrate on winning trophies, not hearts and minds and the change must start immediately! Continuity and transition are two words that will not be accepted in any context this season.

Obstinacy remains the biggest problem. The solution was for a mix of fit combatants and hard edge experience to underpin his vision and artistry, but to date Wenger has declined the obvious. He will not compromise his core beliefs, but ironically, had he bolstered the side 'a la physical' it would actually enable fruition! A degree of poetry should have been sacrificed for resolution and that could only have transpired via the transfer market. That chance looks to have gone. Last summer, Arsenal left most of their transfer dealings until deadline day and the consequence of that meant only seven points from their first seven games. This was somewhere between foolish and absolute madness!

Clearly the manager is to blame for Arsenal's 7-year trophy drought because of his stubbornness and now fringe players suck the life out of the wage budget. It should not have been like this...

Le Professeur de Strasbourg

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