Bath Racecourse & the Chafer!

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Saturday Fixture at Bath Racecourse abandoned!

Back Racecourse have abandoned the Saturday 16th September 2017 meeting due to the effects of chafer grubs on parts of the racecourse so the two-day fixture has been condensed to a six-race card on Sunday 17th September 2017. This is such a shame as we had planned our weekend around the Summer Stayers' Series due to be run on the Saturday. We must confess we had not know what a chafer grub was until today. Here is a picture of the little blighter. At this stage we do not know what will happen to the October fixtures...

Jon Pullin, Racing Director at Arena Racing Company, told us: “On walking the course this morning the grounds team at Bath Racecourse discovered chafer grubs on the home bend, making that section of the racecourse unsuitable for racing.

Bath has always been susceptible these types of grubs which damage the turf by eating the roots of the grass and destabilising the racing surface.  A product called Merit Turf has previously been used to prevent the spread of chafer grubs but this has not been possible since October 2016 when the product became illegal in the UK.  

In the last year the grounds team at Bath have undertaken a number of actions, as recommended by agronomists, to try and prevent the return of chafer grubs without chemical intervention. Further assessment will take place following this weekend’s fixture and an update will be provided in due course.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to horsemen, racegoers and customers by this deeply frustrating situation. In agreement with the BHA, and to give horses as much chance as possible of running, a revised race programme incorporating sprint races will take place on the straight course on Sunday.The team at Bath Racecourse will contact customers and will aim to ensure any customers from Saturday who wish to attend on Sunday can do so, or receive a full refund.  

In the longer term we will continue to find ways to treat and maintain the turf, as well as discuss with appropriate stakeholders, including the BHA and RCA, about working together achieve the reintroduction of Merit Turf."


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