The Hairdresser is BACK!

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Oh No - Jim Best is BACK!

The Racing Horse received the worst news early this morning. Jim Best is back! Nine months after her husband was banned from racing, Suzi Best is primed to send out her first runners from a team of 17 horses after the BHA on Wednesday approved her application to train from his yard. Jim Best was given a six-month suspension last December after being found guilty of ordering jockey Paul John to stop two horses and this represented only the tip of one ugly iceberg.

Retraining to become a hairdresser?

According to Mark Foley of the Racing Post it is understood Best, who saddled more than 200 winners over 12 seasons from his stables in Lewes, East Sussex, is now retraining to become a hairdresser. We will ask the journalist what his source was and how did this nonsense start - does anyone believe for a millisecond that he will cease to be a trainer of/involved with horses and become a cutter of hair? Of course not, he will train horses using a stooge.

The BHA botched the Best case!

At a previous inquiry in April 2016, at which he faced the same charges, Best received a four-year disqualification, which was subsequently rescinded owing to the BHA's botched handling of the case. Under the terms of his wife's licence Best will not attend any racecourse where his wife has a runner, and he will not represent her in any way, or make any comment on the horses in her training, to the press or media. These rules can be contemptuously ignored by using a runner with a mobile phone. The obnoxious Best can be sat at home from his office in total command of the day's events. Remember, we are talking about a man who is happy to breach his oath of office when the situation requires it.

It would be foolish to believe that Suzi Best will be in sole charge

The BHA's licensing committee said a list of conditions, which have not all been made public yet, had been attached to the licence to "ensure that the operation is a new independent training entity and that Mrs Best is in sole charge." We look forward to seeing what the list of other conditions consist of but it would be foolish/naive at best to suggest that Suzi Best will be in sole charge. She will be the unacceptable face of the operation because the Jim Best face will be regarded as toxic. There is not another way to dress it.

The owners have been very patient

The confirmation of his wife's licence ends a lengthy wait as her application was entered in December and first considered in June. It is, however, contingent on a satisfactory reinspection of Grandstand Stables by the BHA. Best's yard has been shut down since December following his ban. Suzi Best (38) plans to run horses over jumps and on the Flat and her 17 horses are a mixture of newcomers and those so called passed on from her husband. Best's solicitor, George Primarolo said: "Suzi hopes this whole process will be wrapped up within the next month or so if not before so that she can send out her first runners. She has been operating it like a pre-training yard, keeping them ticking over. She wants to be training as soon as possible. From her point of view, the sooner the better, as her owners have been very patient in this process."

Our advice is put a line through a race that Best is involved in

Of course she wants it wrapped up sooner rather than later, why would she want it extended? As regards the owners being patient they could easily have sent their horses to another yard, problem solved. The fact they are still with the Bests tell us all we need to know. Whenever we see the stable entered in a race, even before he was caught lying, we would put a line through the race and not get involved from a betting point of view.

Suzi is thrilled!

Primarolo continued: "Despite an interminable process, Suzi Best is thrilled to have been granted a trainer's licence by the British Horseracing Authority. The last 12 have been a particularly trying time for Suzi and her family which as put an enormous amount of strain on the business at Grandstand Stables. However, Suzi is now focussed on making a successful start to her training career and would like to thank the owners at her yard who have shown great loyalty over the past few months." Once again the strain was self-inflicted, had her husband not cheated there would be no strain to talk of. There is absolutely no sympathy from this quarter!

Some matters of concern

The licensing committee's hearing into Best's application was adjourned on 19th June and completed nearly three months later on 12th September. The full written reasons for their decision have yet to be disclosed. In response to the outcome the BHA explained that having gathered the relevant information to consider Best's application it had referred the matter to the licensing committee for further exploration and consideration because "there were some matters of concern."

Licensing committee

In a statement it added: "It is the BHA's duty, in the best interests of the sport, to ensure that all licence applications are given appropriate consideration. Whilst most licence applications are determined by the BHA, in appropriate circumstances the BHA may refer matters to the licensing committee for an impartial and independent decision on its merits. This is why we have a licensing committee which acts independently from the BHA. The BHA is satisfied that a fair and reasonable process has been followed for all parties and we await the full decision and reasons of the committee, and full details of the conditions which have been placed on the licence."

Making a mockery of the disciplinary process - Paul John

The Racing Horse totally agrees with the jockey involved when Paul John said in December that it would "make a mockery" of the disciplinary process. Our prediction is that the Bests will not be able to help themselves and they will re-offend - it is just a matter of time. The only way to have dealt with the Best situation and given his previous, was to shut down the stables completely and ban spouses from the right to get around the judgement...

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