Trot Talk TV and the fluffy kitten

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The Racing Horse was horrified to be labelled negative, mole and a snitch by the Trot Talk TV Episode 4 programme. The lads on the programme clearly want Harness Racing to prosper as I do, but with respects to them they have missed the point I was trying to make. Now, in fairness to them my piece was described as a jumbled mess by an editor of a Racing Magazine so it could be that I failed to convey the message I was seeking but then again it was not meant to be the Gettysburg Address.

To reiterate, I would like to see those who drug their horses BANNED from all BHRC and IRHA courses. That is it on the banning front! If anyone disagrees with those sentiments it says more about them than it does me. I accept that the original piece was not fluffy kitten but banned substances/drugs are not fluffy kitten. What I will do now is shut my eyes, wait two months and see if those people who harm the sport long-term go away, my guess is they will not because the Rule Book is not tough enough! We have NO CHOICE but to kick them out, there is not a second way and to retain them does one million times more harm to harness racing than a solitary piece asking for their expulsion!

I am certainly not a mole and apart from those who poison the sport, not on anyone's side. I genuinely have no axe to grind against the rough and tumble of the sport and its competitiveness, that is what I crave. I want to see the best/good horses under best drives win drug-free races. What is negative or wrong with that position? As regards looking for a snitch I now have testimonies and conversations from drivers, owners and stewards but loathe to use them because they will cause friction and take us away from our common cause!

As regards the programme I found it entertaining. On a positive note, by slagging me off unfairly it made people think and talk about our sport. One gentleman called me a vigilante and that is not the worst thing I have been called, though I do not see myself as a Charles Bronson character trying to clean up Chelmsford. The road-racing comments were of particular interest though it might be wise to leave out the sexist comments in future, I know the show is supposed to have an 'earthy man in a pub' feel but...

To conclude, the Trot Talk TV crew clearly love their harness racing, we can see that, but so do those who have agreed with my comments. The show has asked for a topic of conversation for next week, may I suggest them starting the show with the comments "There is no room for drug cheats in our sport - you are KILLING HARNESS RACING, please go and go now!"

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