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JAKFitness & Boxing Gym Moving Forward

We were delighted to be invited by JAKFitness & Boxing Gym to travel to Bristol with three Swansea boxers and witness the fine work coming out of the Manselton Gym. The boxers included the experienced amateur Jamie Paton who was a former Light-Welterweight Welsh Finalist, the Rome-born Romanian Claudiu Nica, who was having just his third fight and the Neath-born Liam Roberts, also having his third fight.

Experience & Preparation

All three are managed by the vastly experienced professional boxer John Kaighin, who has fantastic team support including the legendary boxing trainer Jimmy Bromfield (trainer of 20 Welsh & British Champions) and the astute Trevor Russell (trainer/cornerman for Joe Calzaghe, Nathan Cleverly and many others). These three bring over 113 years of professional boxing experience to the table and giving the boxers in their training camp every chance to realise any potential. There is a proviso, any boxer taken under their tutelage will have to be totally committed - those who listen and absorb will improve massively and fast! Make no mistake, this is an accomplished team who will school amateur boxers to prepare, box and fight professionally..

14-Fight card at Thornbury Leisure Centre

The trip to the Thornbury Leisure Centre was just an hour from base camp and Team Kaighin were in a relaxed mood. On arrival at 2pm the officials were already behind the clock and this was to have ramifications later on. That said, there was a 14-fight card to organise with all ages and both sexes taking part. The venue itself was first class and generally speaking we were given a nice welcome.

Beating the opponent is only part of it!

The Racing Horse has made these type of trips a few times in the past and it asks certain questions. It needs some managing and sometimes under lots of pressure and irritation, and this was one of those times. Naturally, home crowds are partisan and sometimes ugly but then there are judges, some of which are related to the home boxers! Getting an away win usually means you have to knock out your opponent at least once. Our deepest sympathies went out to the Chippenham boxer Jess Warne Bromley who won every round of her match but bizarrely lost the verdict.

Liam Roberts has the potential to achieve

The star of the card was the 18-year old Liam Roberts from Neath who was fighting in the 82kg division. We had watched him training earlier in the week and it was apparent then he possessed the raw material and was listening to his coaches. Giving weight and experience away to his rival he was under torrid pressure in the first round as Nick Cochram got after him encouraged by a huge and vociferous support. But, to Roberts credit he remained calm, kept his feet moving and was clearly taking stock. Kaighin and Bromfield quickly evaluated proceedings instructing their boxer to adapt and quick and the youngster applied himself in intelligent fashion. He was managing the fight when he released a lightening-fast straight right hand found the nose of Cochram and this stopped him in his tracks turning the fight dramatically. Roberts then went for the jugular with a series of fierce body and head shots knocking his opponent to the canvas. To the slowest count I have ever witnessed from a boxing referee the home boxer got to his feet dazed, only to receive another flurry of punches and no official was going to help him this time!


Watching the fight I had forgotten he was just 18-years old. For one so young it was a fine performance but especially in a hostile atmosphere. Being involved in this experienced set-up will give him every chance of success and we will follow his progress - The Racing Horse

After we got home at midnight we analysed the fight with trainer Jim Bromfield and he told me: "Liam's progress over the past year has been excellent and he has the perfect frame to make a boxer. I was pleased with his footwork tonight and something that has just clicked. He is naturally fit and once he fills out and receives the commensurate strength work he will develop, and then it will be up to Liam what he achieves in boxing. He will gain massive confidence from the win. He is good to work with and it is always refreshing to help a young sportsman who is respectful and does not feel the need to swear."


Boxing can be a brutal sport leaving the winner and foe bruised and bloody but it is also a sweet science and a sport we love. If the reader does not want to get hit or hurt the training and preparation is not only exciting but the best way to get or keep fit, increase stamina and endurance or just shed those pounds. Give John Kaighin a call on 07484 548211 or visit his Facebook Page: JAKFitneess - BBBC Licenced Boxing & 1 on 1 Training

Every boxing gym is looking for that next great boxer and it is our hope that John Kaighin gets his chance to show what he can do. His new gym will have an official opening next week and we will follow the progress.

Our thanks to Trevor Russell, Spraytech and Plumbwise for their help and support...



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