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The Racing Horse received a lovely email from Hugh S and take this opportunity to thank him for his comments. He is enjoying our trends analysis and we are really pleased because we made a decision in early 2018 to devote real time and energy to it and the rewards have been fantastic. We have been pleasantly surprised just how valuable and profitable the information is, going forward there is no reason we can think of why it should be less effective in the future. Of course we cannot guarantee or promise that past results would be replicated in the future, it is just possible we are experiencing a surge. We doubt it however, we do not subscribe to the word luck when it comes to betting over the medium to long-term and believe our simple but constructive way we filter/profile gives us the very best chance of profiting from betting.

We do believe that even the good betting sites tend to over-complicate things, our way is best. Regular readers will know we value trainer form as the most important single piece of information when it comes to finding a winner, then the optimum class and ground conditions for the horse, followed by the jockey booking. So before digesting any trends a preliminary filter has already taken place. For example, if the trainer has the favourite in a race but currently striking at 9% we eliminate the horse from the contenders. Professional bettors would not touch a trainer out of form, and we are professional.

 We use mathematics/percentages/probability in everything we do (including lifestyle choices) so when looking at a race we concentrate on those horses that hover above our 70% analysis thresholds. Consequently a field of 20 runners is easily reduced to five or six and the area to concentrate on. In effect we are looking at horses where the trainer is in form, is equal to the class, has favoured ground conditions, and fits our profiled winner identification sitting between a 70% and 100% bandwidth. Surely this makes sense? Sometimes after filtration the favourite eliminates itself and this merely opens the race up for a bigger priced winner!

Here is what Hugh S said regarding our trends:

"As a new member, I didn’t realise you do trend analysis until early this month. Since then, by betting 1 point bet on each selection I have made 22 points profit at the York festival and 48 points at Ascot. These are amazing results and demonstrate your expertise.

From the second day onwards at Ascot I wondered if I should stop whilst ahead but kept on and, apart from break-even Friday I made profits each day. You seemed a bit unhappy that not more of your “first choices” won but to me what mattered is that one of your 3/4 selections won over half the races during the week.

Thank you for a wonderful experience."

We have a commitment to the trends for the remainder of the year (at least) and hope to maintain our early 2018 standard. We love producing blogs alongside the trends and do not find them hard work, getting the email from Hugh gives us a lift.

Hugh did not mention the Epsom Derby trends. We will not lie - when we did not receive a SINGLE email from a member after EPSOM DERBY DAY we were more than disappointed! If you remember we found Connect 20/1 (available at 22/1 for long periods), Century Dream 10/3, Masar (available at 25/1 but also available at 22/1 for long periods) and Tanasoq at 20/1 so four winners from five races! At those easily available prices a £1 accumulator would have paid £43,953 but even at 20/1, 10/3, 16/1 and 20/1 would have paid £32,462. Our first thoughts were someone has hit the jackpot using our information but NOTHING. 

Carl E did follow us in with Masar and he did raise a drink to us - thanks Carl!

In any case we are enjoying a fabulous year making profits from horse racing in a general sense. At this moment in time  are not exactly firing on all cylinders with our Pacafi and Micro-Systems. That will change- it always does.

Saturday will see trends for Newmarket and Newcastle and the Irish Derby. We are also in the process of finalising the Coral-Eclipse. Be assured of our commitment to finding those winners, we truly enjoy serving a small band of members which in turn helps our personal betting.

  Today's Pacafi: click here

Our information and betting advice is for educational purposes only. Please exercise caution when acting upon our advice and remember that gambling carries risk. No liability is taken by the site or product owner following any of the information given or sold to you. Betting always involves a level of risk and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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