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The Racing Horse will be producing our powerful racing templates in association with our racing trends for Cheltenham on Friday and Saturday. This has been introduced as a permanent feature to sit alongside our Pacafi and Betting Systems Advice. Within these three pillars/buttresses the hope is there is something of interest for our varying types of bettors!


We only have a small band of members (we like it that way) so we have little knowledge of how our racecourse templates are being received. We genuinely believe they are powerful and a fabulous tool for the member to use alongside their own betting. Because of its subjective nature it is hard to record the success of the information conveyed but we genuinely believe they produce weekly segments of advantage/benefit. When these are merged with our racing trends and betting advice it seems to be producing a potent package and especially when looking for those bigger value prices.


Give me an example I hear you say? On Saturday we covered two races at Aintree. Here was our racecourse template and it showed the top trainers at the course which included Nicky Henderson, Dan Skelton  and Paul Nicholls so suggesting we look at their runners at this course for this day. Henderson had two runners at Aintree and one of them finished third at 8/1 advised. Dan Skelton entered four runners at this course for this day, he won with West To The Bridge at a massive 40/1 (Tote paid £45.70). He had two more placed at 20/1 and 9/1 in the same race and one loser/unplaced. There was more to come, Paul Nicholls won with Warrior Tales at 15/2 from two runners entered at the course. Better prices were available.


Hurdle:   28-60  for 47%  (+0.46)  21-63  for 33% (+12.03)
Chase:    13-33  for 39%  (-3.28)  16-72  for 22%  (-6.04)
NHF:       5-22  for 23% ( -9.13)   0-0   for  - 
Total:    46-115 for 40% (-11.95)  37-135 for 27%  (+5.99)

TOP TRAINERS at Aintree for 2017/18 season
Nicky Henderson: 7 wins from 25 for 28%  (-2.70) ⇐
Dan Skelton:     4 wins from 30 for 13% (-16.95) ⇐
Paul Nicholls:   4 wins from 30 for 13%  (-6.75) ⇐
Tom George:      3 wins from 20 for 15%  (-6.50) ⇐
Tom Lacey:       2 wins from 5 for  40% (+20.00) NRs

TOP JOCKEYS at Aintree for 2017/18 season
Richard Johnson:   4 wins from 23 for 17%  (+2.25) 
Robert Dunne :     3 wins from  9 for 33% (+28.50)
Nico de Boinville: 3 wins from 10 for 30%  (-2.70)
Noel Fehily:       3 wins from 13 for 23%  (+2.00)
Daryl Jacob:       3 wins from 18 for 17%  (-5.00)


There's even more to come. Tom George ran two at the course and both finished second at 11/1 and 11/4. Had you permed his Brandon Hill at 11/1 with the Nicholls' Warriors Tale you would have landed the Exacta which paid £122.80 and the CSF £84.37. Tom Lacey did not have any runners, but the point we are making all four trainer's featured produced profitable opportunities.

The Racing Horse view of the two races was quite specific. For example in the Becher Handicap Chase was we said emphatically: "There's the Becher Chase to look forward to on a Saturday that promises to reveal plenty and we think there could be upset..." We got that right!

We totally opposed the favourite Blaklion and did not have him in the frame and he finished 11th. Our selections were Call It Magic 25/1, Walk In The Mill 16/1 and Highland Lodge 16/1 so we found the winner at 16/1 and the fourth place at 25/1 (18 runners). Regarding Call It Magic we said: "25/1 looks a great price!" and of course it was for those each-way backers or those who traded in-running.

For the Sefton Handicap Chase we nominated three more and Warriors Tale won at 15/2 and Kilcrea Tale at 8/1 finished third. By the way, the latter made a number of bad mistakes yet still finished third and must be followed for the rest of the season.

and a BIT MORE

We also featured Sandown with more relative information. Nicky Henderson had two winners and Paul Nicholls had one at 11/8, 8/13 and 9/2 respectively. Consequently Nico de Boinville had two winners to add to his 7-24 for 29%. We also featured jockey Sean Houlihan who displayed 3-6 for 50% (+26.25) prior to racing and from two rides he had another 8/1 winner taking him to 4-8 for 50% (+33.25).

The point we are making is the racecourse templates in conjunction with our advice is well worth a read for a small subscription. The information is the perfect place to start when looking at the big races on the Saturday or at the Festival Meetings and can only aid those personal thought processes, we all need a little help with our betting....

Today's Pacafi: click here

Proven mathematical laws are the governing force of horse racing betting. Consequently every bet we place is conceived then predicated from statistical analysis protected by a maths-based edge with perceived value attached. Our formula is simple because we are yet to be convinced that a complication of a system is proportional to profit. So what do we mean by a maths-based edge? It means finding something with a solid mathematical core, something historically profitable and something that is unlikely to change or suffer fatigue going forward. Then, if we can filter negative influences from the original proposal and provide a sound rationale for doing so, we can claim that betting edge.


The absolute key to success in betting is the ability to identify value bet situations where the odds available are greater than the true chance of winning and then to have the discipline to methodically bet only when these situations arise. If this is done the laws of mathematics and probability dictate that in the long term, you will make a profit.

Our information and betting advice is for educational purposes only. Please exercise caution when acting upon our advice and remember that gambling carries risk. No liability is taken by the site or product owner following any of the information given or sold to you. Betting always involves a level of risk and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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