Racecourse Template for Ayr (20 January 2019)

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Racecourse Template for Ayr

The Racing Horse offers our Racecourse Template for Ayr today. Our eyes are drawn to the profit of handicap favourites over both hurdles and chases, normally the non-handicap races offer the best level-stake profit. The 41% about favouries in handicap chases seems very high but that is the 5-year record at the course.

Trainers to follow

We are following the runners of Nicky Richards today and hope to show a small profit. Of the other protagonists Ruth Jefferson has no runners here but goes to Kelso tomorrow instead. Olly Murphy has no runners either but goes to Kelso on Tuesday. N W Alexander sends 6 to the course and though he is only 10% worth a second look but Lucinda Russell sends 7. The question we ask our-self is from those 13 runners will Nick or Lucinda have a big price winner?

Here is what Nick told us yesterday: "Cold and grey this morning, a dusting of snow, no runners today but a busy morning with 30 horses working and another 12 doing lighter work, 6 of which are declared to run at Ayr tomorrow.  Going should be fine, good to soft, as a result and in stark contrast to many other recent fixtures there are bumper fields for almost all the races.  This of course is going to make it very competitive and winning extremely difficult so we will certainly settle for finishing in the money and all six runners have a respectable chance of doing that." Interesting stuff and if you would like to read more on his views please click here 

McPherson and Skelton

Graham McPherson sends Ask Ben up to Ayr (1.25) from Upper Oddington, Gloucestershire and currently trades at evens (generally) and this looks a real opportunity. The trip is 324 miles and a long way to come for just one runner. The trainer is 1-2 for 50% at the track for +5.50. Likewise, Dan Skelton makes the 298 mile journey and sends just one to race (2.00) with Destrier trading at 6/4 but he has Reivers Lad for Nicky Richards to beat. We have bet and saved on the race and need the pair to finish in front of Sams Gunner who is back from a break. Skelton is 10-47 for 21% at the course.



Hurdle:   38-76  for 50%  (-8.52)   46-133 for 35%  (+5.33)
Chase:     2-12  for 17%  (-8.46)   54-133 for 41% (+21.86)
NHF:      18-41  for 44%  (-3.54)    0-0   for  - 
Total:    58-129 for 45% (-20.52)  100-266 for 38% (+27.19)

TOP TRAINERS at Ayr for current season
Nicky Richards:  6 wins from 22 for 27%  (-2.21)
Ruth Jefferson:  3 wins from  5 for 60% (+12.47)
Olly Murphy:     3 wins from  7 for 43%  (+0.58)
N W Alexander:   3 wins from 29 for 10% (+18.00)
Lucinda Russell: 3 wins from 37 for  8% (-16.25)

TOP JOCKEYS at Ayr for current season
Brian Hughes:   7 wins from 36 for 19%  (+2.13)
Aidan Coleman:  5 wins from 10 for 50%  (+0.22)
Ross Chapman:   5 wins from 22 for 23%  (-1.75)
Henry Brooke:   4 wins from 18 for 22% (+26.87)
Grant Cockburn: 3 wins from  7 for 43% (+40.00)


  Today's Pacafi: click here

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