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Just an update as to where we are with our Cheltenham Festival Racecourse Template, Racing Trends and Betting Advice. We plan to have Day Three completed before Sunday and Day Four before next Wednesday. Then, for each day up to Tuesday 12 March 2019 we will edit, beef up and add more pertinent information for each race on one designated page. The completed page will give our members everything they need to make informed judgments and the chance to filter the pretenders from the contenders and match their conclusions with our own or those of their preferred pundits (who we tend to ignore)!

We are very excited and after spending a third day on the trot in the garden it occurred to us our type of information is going to be more useful than ever this year. This dry winter has clearly disrupted campaigns with many horses not making the requisite visits to the tracks in a preferred timeline. We also know it has not just affected the big trainers so it is even more important our nominations fit or suit the profile of previous winners.

The consensus is the Irish have been affected most by the dry weather but we are not sure about that. The Irish have dominated the festival in recent years and our best guess is that will continue because they have the better horses.

Beware those pundits who seek to complicate matters whilst boosting their own egos/standing at the same time - best to absorb, filter and make your own opinions. We will be ignoring them completely, as always we will trust the governing force of betting – mathematical laws and the statistical analysis that accompanies them.

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2019 Cheltenham Festival


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Proven mathematical laws are the governing force of horse racing betting. Consequently every bet we place is conceived then predicated from statistical analysis protected by a maths-based edge with perceived value attached. Our formula is simple because we are yet to be convinced that a complication of a system is proportional to profit. So what do we mean by a maths-based edge? It means finding something with a solid mathematical core, something historically profitable and something that is unlikely to change or suffer fatigue going forward. Then, if we can filter negative influences from the original proposal and provide a sound rationale for doing so, we can claim that betting edge.


The absolute key to success in betting is the ability to identify value bet situations where the odds available are greater than the true chance of winning and then to have the discipline to methodically bet only when these situations arise. If this is done the laws of mathematics and probability dictate that in the long term, you will make a profit.

Our information and betting advice is for educational purposes only. Please exercise caution when acting upon our advice and remember that gambling carries risk. No liability is taken by the site or product owner following any of the information given or sold to you. Betting always involves a level of risk and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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