2019 Royal Ascot Review

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The Racing Horse reviewed 2018 Royal Ascot before posting our analysis of 2019. Our conclusions substantiated our success and the intention was to repeat the success this year - so did we manage it?

The weather and the consequential ground conditions made life very difficult especially within the first 3 days. After 15 races just 1 favourite had won (7%) and at the end of Day 3, only 2 winning favourites obliged from the 18 races (11%). As the ground dried out/improved the classier/better horses came to the fore, and the final 2 days showed 6 winning favourites from 12 races (50%). In total there were 8 winning favourites from the 30 races (27%) so less than the course five-year national average which stands at around 31.32% These figures represent the context in which we will measure our performance this year.

This year we highlighted the winning chances of 16 horses which included: 2/1 BLUE POINT, 33/1 THE GRAND VISIR, 7/1 ADDEYBB, 9/2 CRYSTAL OCEAN, 10/1 SOUTHERN HILLS, 9/1 SANGARIUS, 8/1 STAR CHARTER, 5/4 STRADIVARIUS, 9/2 DAAHYEH, 6/4 JAPAN, 8/1 ADVERTISE, 11/2 BAGHDAD, 7/2 PINATUBO, 4/1 DEFOE, 9/4 BLUE POINT and 9/2 CLEONTE.

Our first choice winners included: 33/1 THE GRAND VISIR, 5/4 STRADIVARIUS, 9/2 DAAHYEH, 6/4 JAPAN, 4/1 DEFOE, 9/4 BLUE POINT and 9/2 CLEONTE. Had members backed every first choice selection blind they would have made a profit of +29pts to the above prices.  So, if our members placed £10 on each they would have banked £290 and had an enjoyable time in doing so. These figures compare favourably with last year.

Last year we highlighted the winning chances of 17 horses which included: 5/2 CALYX, 8/1 BLUE POINT, 12/1 MONARCH GLEN, 10/3 KEW GARDENS, 11/2 POETS WORD, 16/1 SETTLE FOR BAY, 6/1 HUNTING HORN, 9/2 MAGIC WAND, 2/1 STRADIVARIUS, 16/1 OSTILLO, 5/1 OLD PERSIAN, 7/2 ALPHA CENTAURI, 5/1 DASH OF SPICE, 12/1 ARTHUR KITT, 8/13 CRYSTAL OCEAN, 14/1 SOLDIERS CALL and 9/2 MERCHANT NAVY.

Our first choice winners included: 12/1 MONARCH GLEN, 16/1 SETTLE FOR BAY, 5/1 OLD PERSIAN, 7/2 ALPHA CENTAURI and 8/13 CRYSTAL OCEAN. Had our members backed every first choice selection blind they would have made a profit of +12pts to the above prices (better prices were easily available and our personal profit exceeded +19pts.

If perming our advice this year we found 3 Tricasts & Trifectas, one of which paid a huge £1,387.52 & £2,6222.70. Another paid £131.01 & £226.20, the third best/biggest paid £47.91 & £69.30. There were 9 winning Exactas & CSFs with the best/biggest £123.00 & £88.31, whilst another paid £77.90 & £60.90. These numbers cannot be fluked and proves our racecourse template, racing trends and betting advice work!

Last year we found 2 winning Tricasts & Trifectas, they paid £69.15 & £52.40, £24.50 & £39.60 and four winning Exactas and CSF's. Our best/biggest was Soldiers Call and Sabre, which paid an Exacta of £270.60 & CSF £146.63.

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