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The Racing Horse offers our powerful RACECOURSE TEMPLATE, RACING TRENDS and BETTING ADVICE for NEWBURY on Saturday 8th February 2020Newbury is left handed, galloping with few undulations and one of the fairest courses in the country, though its galloping nature does suit the big, long-striding type. The chase course is regarded as being fairly stiff, though a low casualty rate over the last five seasons contradicts such a view. The fact that many races don't feature big fields and/or aren't run at a strong pace possibly contributes to such a low figure, as does the generally better standard of horse on show. Leaders are rarely overhauled on the chase run-in for all it often looks as though they might be, especially from the elbow. It is considered by many to be the best dual purpose racecourse in the UK and is situated less than 20 miles away from Lambourn, the second biggest centre for training racehorses after Newmarket.

The Racecourse Templates are underpinned with RACING TRENDS. The profiling of races help sift the contenders from the pretenders and gives an overview of what type of entry combination are most likely to prosper. Equally, it reveals those carrying negative traits making it an essential tool/information for layers. Finally we offer our astute betting advice as part of a trilateral approach.

Hurdle:   42-85  for 49%  (+2.06)    25-73 for 34%  (+6.16)
Chase:    12-31  for 39%  (-8.48)   27-101 for 27% (-10.84)
NHF:       8-28  for 29%  (-6.67)     0-0  for  - 
Total:    62-144 for 43% (-13.08)   52-174 for 30%  (-4.68)

TOP 5 TRAINERS at Newbury this season
Nicky Henderson: 13 wins from 43 for 30% (+19.82)
Philip Hobbs:     3 wins from 15 for 20%  (-6.33)
Paul Nicholls:    3 wins from 16 for 19%  (-3.75)
Richard Hobson:   2 wins from  2 for 100% (+3.45)
Tom Lacey:        2 wins from  6 for 33% (+10.50)

TOP 5 JOCKEYS at Newbury this season
Nico de Boinville: 8 wins from 29 for 28% (+3.40)
Harry Cobden:      4 wins from 18 for 22% (-1.75)
Richard Johnson:   3 wins from 16 for 19% (+2.16)
Barry Geraghty:    2 wins from  6 for 33% (-2.58)
Ben Jones:         2 wins from  8 for 25% (+8.00)

Winning favourites in non-handicap hurdles at Newbury have really good figures showing 42-85 for 49% (+2.05) and even favourites in hurdling handicaps have above the national average winners also, so if we dismiss favourites on this fair galloping course we need to be careful.

Nicky Henderson and Nico de Boinville reign supreme at this course and February shows 7 winners from just 18 runners for a massive 39%. He sends 7 to Newbury today, some at big prices, and he also sends Daphne Du Clos to Uttoxeter and that could be another winner. Might outclass her rivals and whilst we have not nominated as a Pacafi we have backed her. At around even money she looks value, yes there is heavy ground to contend with but she has good form on soft.

Upcoming fixtures
Saturday 8 February 2020
Friday 28 February 2020
Saturday 29 February 2020


  Today's Pacafi: click here

Proven mathematical laws are the governing force of horse racing betting. Consequently every bet we place is conceived then predicated from statistical analysis protected by a math-based edge with perceived value attached. Our formula is simple because we are yet to be convinced that a complication of a system is proportional to profit. So what do we mean by a math-based edge? It means finding something with a solid mathematical core, something historically profitable and something that is unlikely to change or suffer fatigue going forward. Then, if we can filter negative influences from the original proposal and provide a sound rationale for doing so, we can claim that betting edge.


The absolute key to success in betting is the ability to identify value bet situations where the odds available are greater than the true chance of winning and then to have the discipline to methodically bet only when these situations arise. If this is done the laws of mathematics and probability dictate that in the long term, you will make a profit.

Our information and betting advice is for educational purposes only. Please exercise caution when acting upon our advice and remember that gambling carries risk. No liability is taken by the site or product owner following any of the information given or sold to you. Betting always involves a level of risk and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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