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The all-weather course at Wolverhampton forms a tight flat, left-handed oval circuit of just under a mile in length so suits speedy horses. It was relaid in summer 2014 and the surface was changed to Tapeta. The bends are fairly sharp and with a straight of under two furlongs in length it favours horses with the ability to hold a good position as opposed to those who need time to find full stride. Wolverhampton was actually the first to stage racing under lights in the UK.

Wolverhampton FAVOURITES (5 years)
Non-handicap                       Handicap
2yo:    103-247 for 42% (-27.03)    30-96   for 31%   (-1.15)
3yo:    162-360 for 45% (-43.51)   196-612  for 32%  (-55.11)
4yo+:    85-182 for 47%  (+8.32)   357-1172 for 30%  (-91.81)
Total:  350-789 for 44% (-62.22)   583-1880 for 31% (-148.07)

TOP 5 TRAINERS at Wolverhampton for current year
Tony Carroll:     12 wins from 84 for 14% (+70.20)
David Loughnane:  10 wins from 66 for 15%  (+3.90)
Mark Johnston:     9 wins from 58 for 16%  (-4.55)
Anthony Brittain:  8 wins from 79 for 10% (-26.50)
Roger Varian:      7 wins from 15 for 47%  (+2.40)

TOP 5 TRAINERS at Wolverhampton for past 5 years
David Evans:     68 wins from 615 for 11% (-124.34)
Mark Johnston:   58 wins from 447 for 13% (-134.22)
Michael Appleby: 58 wins from 593 for 10% (-176.36)
Tom Dascombe:    57 wins from 358 for 16%  (+71.22)
David O'Meara:   48 wins from 399 for 12%  (-50.17)

TOP 5 JOCKEYS at Wolverhampton for current year
Hollie Doyle:  17 wins from 82 for 21%  (+11.34)
Jack Mitchell: 15 wins from 44 for 34%  (+11.90)
Luke Morris:   15 wins from 93 for 16%   (-3.02)
Ben Curtis:    13 wins from 62 for 21%   (+6.33)
Cam Hardie:    11 wins from 100 for 11% (-17.00)

TOP 5 JOCKEYS at Wolverhampton for past 5 years
Luke Morris:      126 wins from 1055 for 12% (-273.79)
Adam Kirby:        89 wins from  422 for 21%  (-18.20)
Richard Kingscote: 88 wins from  558 for 16% (-107.20)
Oisin Murphy:      65 wins from  284 for 23%   (-4.91)
Joe Fanning:       62 wins from  448 for 14%  (-83.58)

Favourites in non-handicaps at Wolverhampton win at 44% but shows a heavy LOSS to SP. Those 4yo+ do best and score 85-182 for 47% and make a level stake profit to SP of +8.32.

The fact that Tony Carroll, David Loughnane and Anthony Brittain are the current top trainers at the course show and prove the top trainers prefer other AW courses to run their charges on though Roger Varian has 7-14 for 50% this year.

Holly Doyle (19%), Jack Mitchell (33%) and Ben Curtis (21%) are riding the course superbly this year and all show a profit to SP.


   Sunday 13 September 2020
  Monday 14 September 2020

 Given the Wolverhampton Racecourse is one of quantity over qualify the winning favourites percentages in non-handicaps hold up quite well though produce a loss to level stakes at SP.

Jason Weaver on Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton’s 5f, 7f and extended 1m starts can be tricky from a jockey’s point of view, because they’re very much draw-dependent. It’s a big advantage being among the low, left-hand numbers. The 1m 4f start can also be a slight problem, but at least from there you’ve got a longer trip to get sorted out. Nobody went round the inside in the early days and, while I’m not sure it’s a disadvantage to be there now, most jocks still shy away from that rail. It’s a tight course, but well laid-out and very fair.

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