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The Racing Horse offers our powerful RACECOURSE TEMPLATE, RACING TRENDS and BETTING ADVICE for Epsom for Saturday 4 July 2020.

Epsom Downs map

Non-handicap                    Handicap
2yo:    14-35 for 40% (-10.63)   3-8   for 38%  (+3.88)
3yo:     6-24 for 25% (-13.32)  28-81  for 35%  (-1.37)
4yo+:   10-16 for 63%  (+8.11)  32-114 for 28% (-16.53)
Total:  30-75 for 40% (-15.85)  63-203 for 31% (-13.16)

TOP 5 TRAINERS at EPSOM for 2019
Jim Boyle:       5 wins from 25 for 20%  (+2.25)
Mark Prescott:   4 wins from  6 for 67% (+26.25)
Ralph Beckett:   4 wins from 13 for 31%  (+0.61)
Andrew Balding:  4 wins from 23 for 17%  (-5.91)
Charlie Appleby: 3 wins from  7 for 43%  (-1.13)

TOP 5 TRAINERS at Epsom for last 5 seasons
Mark Johnston:  20 wins from 128 for 16%
Andrew Balding: 15 wins from 100 for 15%
Mick Channon:   14 wins from 64 for 22%
Jim Boyle:      12 wins from 79 for 15%
John Gosden:    12 wins from 51 for 24%

TOP 5 JOCKEYS at EPSOM for 2019
Luke Morris:    5 wins from 15 for 33% (+11.75)
Cieren Fallon:  5 wins from 22 for 23%  (+6.12) 
Oisin Murphy:   5 wins from 26 for 19%  (-1.66)
Pat Dobbs:      4 wins from 10 for 40%  (+6.78)
Andrea Atzeni   4 wins from 13 for 31% (+18.25)

TOP 5 JOCKEYS at EPSOM for last 5 seasons
Silvestre De Sousa: 34 wins from 136 for 25%
Charles Bishop:     14 wins from  36 for 39%
Franny Norton:      13 wins from  58 for 22%
Jim Crowley:        12 wins from  73 for 16%
Andrea Atzeni:      12 wins from  71 for 17%


The Epsom Racecourse Template does not have the biggest sample and some of the biggest trainers are conspicuous by their absence. Not sure of the value of the 2019 numbers. 


The Epsom course is left handed, undulating, 'U' shaped course, with tight bends. Races up to eight and a half furlongs are very sharp, meaning those ridden prominently hold an advantage, particularly on the five-furlong course, the fastest in the world, which is virtually downhill throughout. Conversely, the first four furlongs of the Derby course are uphill and it provides a real test of stamina, anything overracing in the early part of the race usually found wanting in the closing stages. In testing conditions, the runners tend to switch towards the stands-side rail for the better ground.


Balance is at a premium for a horse racing around Epsom and it’s not merely a question of size. Big ones and small ones have it - and some just don’t. Whatever they’re like physically, though, they need to handle the hills, turns and cambers, as this track tests every muscle. Runners really get rolling round Tattenham Corner and, while people say suspect stayers can last home over middle distances, I reckon you have to stay the trip thoroughly to win. A sure-footed speedster is needed for the sprints


Our information and betting advice is for educational purposes only. Please exercise caution when acting upon our advice and remember that gambling carries risk. No liability is taken by the site or product owner following any of the information given or sold to you. Betting always involves a level of risk and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose

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