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The Racing Horse would like to talk to members about results and all things pertaining and this break in racing gives us the opportunity. On 1 January 2020 we will post our results for the 2019, but every member should have received a spreadsheet of every Pacafi backed in 2018 and an opportunity to scrutinise/examine our method.

We would like to extrapolate those figures to see what they actually mean. Before we do that we are duty bound to remind the vast majority of people who bet lose - industry figures suggest that over 98% of those who bet regularly, lose!

TOTAL: 233  WIN: 125  LOSE 108  STRIKE-RATE: 54%  PROFIT: 49.89

At first glance the profit looks hard work for the amount of bets made and we understand that misjudgement, the fact is the hard work for the members is done by TRH. Please appreciate, there is ZERO chance of a member losing their set-aside betting bank because this represents NO RISK betting - where can one find no risk betting? Worth remembering under this strategy there are no long debilitating losing runs that sap the energy of the bettor, which in turn can lead to a chasing of losses.

Each rationale that accompanies the Pacafi has information pertinent, not only for the day  of the race but going forward, and if logged/acted upon, can be rewarding even if the bet loses. We would be disappointed if there was not a certain entertainment value for the 33p per day subscription and without being patronising, we hope our rationale helps the bettor focus on the more important aspects of horse racing betting and its truisms. 

The vast majority of nominations finish first or second making it useful strategy for forecast betting or exotic bets but importantly we urge members to read our piece on how to get the best out of the Pacafi. Apart from the Pacafi we also offer other information giving further opportunities to profit though our strategy remains the cornerstone of The Racing Horse.

Over 80% of the nominations are supported in the market and many heavily supported making it a fantastic strategy for trading purposes. Only a single figure percentage drift or ease in price. This area has been of particular interest to us and during the life of the bet (from our email alert to post-time) we trade/move/alter/save our stake to facilitate a maximum chance of profit against a smaller to nil liability.

The profits shown are at the thin end, our personal profits from the same information gave us 71.75pts.

 We placed 233 bets in 2018 of which 125 won for a 54% strike-rate and a profit of 49.89 points. By the way, most in the racing game will tell you cannot win over the long-term by backing favourites, we have been doing it nearly 20 years and proved it since June 2011.

Our subscription is just £9.95 per month so to access all of our information it would cost the member close to £120 per year - is it worth it? Please excuse our simplistic table below but it is important in the context that will follow:

      £5 on each Pacafi =   £249.45  =    £129.45 PROFIT
     £10 on each Pacafi =   £498.90  =    £378.90 PROFIT
     £25 on each Pacafi = £1,247.25  =  £1,127.25 PROFIT
     £50 on each Pacafi = £2,494.50  =  £2,374.50 PROFIT
    £100 on each Pacafi = £4,989.00  =  £4,869.00 PROFIT

The 54% strike-rate has massive relevance and for the reasons already given. In 2018 our longest losing run was 5. We made a profit in 11 of the 12 months to the prices given usually the night before the race. Good/basic housekeeping would have improved the figures significantly.

The Pacafi can be slow but since June 2011 we have publicly proved the strategy makes continual incremental gains. It has proven profitable to us for close to 16 years.

We back each bet 60 seconds before sending the email alert. Our members know we are a real person who loves our sport and bet professionally to supplement a pension. We hurt when we have a losing bet. We have no advertising, affiliations, or any interest in touting for members.

There are no plans to revisit the subscription, we are happy to have a small band of members and currently have the best group ever. Everyone who is reading this blog found us and have no appetite/desire for bombarding people with fatuous emails. Members are the sounding ear for each of our bets, if our rationale does not make sense it will be outed!

Making a profit from sports betting is just about the hardest task and it can be a very lonely/sad place at times. Each of us knows someone who has lost heavily and impacted that loss onto friends and family. That territory is alien to us because of our cautious but sensible approach to betting. We do not make promises that we cannot keep and honesty and our good name is everything to us.

The Racing Horse does come with negatives. For one, we are a one-man-band and sometimes our work looks hurried. We are a bit of a technophobe and although we have confidence in our ability and experience our website lacks modernisation/panache.

Finally, our experience of the website tells us bettors like to be busier than the fare we offer and we get that. We have been flattered with job offers from big online companies but at our age happy where we are.

Can we take this opportunity to thank our members for their support and wish you all a very Happy New Year! Special thanks to Malcolm H, Hugh S, Harry C, Phil B, Sue C and Tony M.


Our information and betting advice is for educational purposes only. Please exercise caution when acting upon our advice and remember that gambling carries risk. No liability is taken by the site or product owner following any of the information given or sold to you. Betting always involves a level of risk and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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