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Particularly at this time of the year with Cheltenham just around the corner, we once again urge our members and readers not to rely on tipsters for their betting decisions. They cannot know your personality, what your risk versus reward mentality is, or what kind of staking approach you are comfortable with.

 Furthermore, it is hard to tell the genuine good quality tipsters, the vast majority of them do not offer scrutiny. Then of coursethere is the common question that many ask about tipsters in that, if there tips were so good then why would they want to sell them and not just keep the money for themselves?

So why are we talking to you today? The Racing Horse has never considered itself a tipster - we do NOT tip! We genuinely believe mathematics is the governing force of sports betting so offer betting advice via pertinent numbers and a common sense rationale based on over 54 years of horse racing betting experience. From there we ask our members/readers to absorb and digest and then draw their own conclusions. Our hope is we remind, aid and improve the visitor's selection processes.

Today we share our approach to betting and publish our first draft of the first race at this year's Cheltenham Festival which is the Supreme Novices' Hurdle (Grade 1) 2m87y and we hope the numbers will at least be of interest.



The Racing Horse is 10-years old in June though we were writing about sport before that for a number of publications. We wrote for Betfair for 5 years before launching our site, and one that has no adverts or affiliation with no intention of selling anything to anybody. The £9.95 subscription is a nominal charge and it has remained at that price for the whole 10 years.
On those occasions when a subscriber is disappointed with our thought process, we refund their subscription immediately and wish them well in the future. The website exists purely to help likeminded individuals seeking to make steady incremental gains and to proof our personal bets. Every nomination made on the site carries our personal stake money and acts as our third pension. We have made sound incremental profits every year since June 2011.
The average lifespan of a new subscriber is 4 months which shows how many gamblers have a short time mindset and our style of betting would not suit those, in fact we appreciate our approach does not suit the vast majority of bettors. Once we have received a negative email in which the bettor shows he is not in tune with our ethos we find it is better to part company earlier and for obvious reasons. Nominating online can bring a certain amount of pressure to bear and our weakest area remains the emotional side of betting, so this has to be managed the best we can...


Our information and betting advice is for educational purposes only. Please exercise caution when acting upon our advice and remember that gambling carries risk. No liability is taken by the site or product owner following any of the information given or sold to you. Betting always involves a level of risk and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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