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The Racing Horse now sells Pacafi Bet selections through a subscription called the Pacafi Club. This subscription is a paid service, costing £9.95/month.

The Pacafi Club is a members section of, accessible only to those who pay the subscription. Subscriptions are payable through Paypal (who allow the use of debit/credit cards). After subscribing, you will be prompted to create a members account. With this account you can then access all of the Pacafi Bet selections.

We look forward to seeing you in the club!

Pacafi Club Membership


What is the Pacafi?

The word Pacafi is an acronym for professional, calculated, filtered investment. The bet is a simple, well-constructed investment that integrates a set of predetermined rules. The bet contains essential components in which the fundamentals never change, and with little room for ambiguity, is easy to apply. These truisms filter negative influences that hinder a horse's performance. The basic rules and strategy of the Pacafi are not new – it uses principles that were true 50 years ago, are true now and will be true in another 50 years.

Win to level stakes

This bet is mechanical with moving parts, math-based and carries the building blocks of the professional gambler. It fits well within a portfolio of bets but has the power to stand alone to level stakes as there are no long losing runs. Also, the information and rationale contained makes it ideal to use for backing, laying, trading and each-way stealing as well as finding forecasts, giving it a portfolio status of its own.

Perceived value

With all bets there must be perceived value attached (we use the word perceived because in the end that comes down to opinion). Backing at best price guaranteed is a key element to the profitability as is having a Betfair account. Using the strategy, an average of 88% of the horses shorten in price and some of them significantly and this offers a fabulous opportunity to trade so as to reduce liability. It also proves that value has been found.

High strike-rate

Using the Pacafi strategy, selections win 56% to 60% of the time at prices between 2/5 and 25/1.

Filtration criteria

Filtration remains the key element of the strategy and replaces randomness and the cursed snapshot mentality. Every selection must meet our strict criteria before consideration and a sound rationale accompanies it for members consideration. This is NO RISK BETTING with ZERO chance of losing a betting bank.

Want to know more?

If you would like to discuss the strategy or receive more information please get in touch with us here

The Racing Horse does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss that may be sustained as a result of the use of information contained in the Pacafi strategy. Furthermore, The Racing Horse cannot be held liable for losses resulting from the use of any information contained within

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