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The majority of betting advice systems and strategies that come on to the market are either bogus or not fit for purpose! Some sources deliberately procure false hope or worse, others unintentionally enlist flawed or less important features giving false credence. Inevitably, given the careless and lazy nature of the average punter, most will … Continue reading

Are Monty’s methods finally being accepted?

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The Racing Horse members will know that we are a huge fan of the work of Monty Roberts and of the man. We read his pieces with avid interest and only wish those that owned, trained and rode horses would apply his principles totally! We thought we might share his latest piece…

Equus and Monty Roberts!

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Later this year we will realise a dream when we meet hero Monty Roberts in Gloucester but we thought we would share some of his thoughts on The Racing Horse site before that. He truly is the most remarkable man and both saint and saviour! We salute him and all that he stands for! … Continue reading