PACAFI (19 May 2022)

PACAFI (19 May 2022)VALSAD 1.55 Lingfield at 8/13 Barry Gurr Memorial Novice Stakes (Class 5) 1m3f133y COMPOSITE RATINGS Trainer Form: 4-13 for 32% (10) National average: 16% ...read more

PACAFI (Tuesday 17 May 2022)

PACAFI (Tuesday 17 May 2022)MORTLACH 6.17 Huntingdon at 5/6 Doodles, Baker And Turner Novices' Handicap Chase (Class 4) 2m104y COMPOSITE RATINGS Trainer Form: 8-43 for 19% (10) National average: 17% ...read more

KEMPTON Racecourse Template (Wednesday 18 May 2022)

KEMPTON Racecourse Template (Wednesday 18 May 2022) The Racing Horse offers our powerful Kempton AW Racecourse Template for Wednesday 18 May 2022. There is a 7-race card containing 5 handicaps and 2 novice races. The going is expected to be standard to slow. Within ...read more

PACAFI (Monday 9 May 2022)

PACAFI (Monday 9 May 2022)MODERN NEWS 6.40 Windsor at 8/11  Fitzdares Royal Windsor Stakes (Listed) 1m31y COMPOSITE RATINGS Trainer Form: 9-27 for 33% (10) National average: 29% ...read more


FOUR CORNERS of our BETTING SLIP A strategy is a general plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim, whilst a system is a fixed set of rules. The Racing Horse prefers a strategy though we do use systems. Our cornerstone ...read more


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The RACECOURSE TEMPLATE'S have now become a huge part of our life. The pertinence contained within them have proven to be absolutely essential...

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website which offers you the chance to find out more about our aims and objectives.

The Racing Horse is NOT a tipping website. However, it is a website dedicated to horse racing information and pertinent advice, where its primary function is to help readers find winners. It will remind, aid and improve the selection process by using a variety of information sources.

The Racing Horse will never insult intelligence through hyperbole, it will be honest and without embellishment and an advantageous location. Hopefully this source of valuable and straightforward information will evolve, whilst continuing to recognise mathematics as the governing force of successful betting.

The Pacafi Strategy is the cornerstone of The Racing Horse. It is mechanically filtered, math-based and carries the building blocks of the professional gambler. It removes randomness and negative influences making the bet less vulnerable. It has a high strike rate and there are no long losing runs. Finally the information carried within the bet is totally relevant to the day of the race. The strategy makes incremental profits to level stakes and is always supported by a common-sense rationale.

The Racing Horse adheres to those treasured principles of Monty Roberts. He has encapsulated how we view horses whether they be as a race horse or a friend. We have been lucky to spend time with him and our life is richer for it. We thank him for his wisdom, vision and efforts and asked him for a path to follow, he told us: "We are more effective utilising calm and patient methods whether we are dealing with horses or people." The Racing Horse heeds his advice...


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