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Betting Bank & Staking Plans

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No one has all the answers The Racing Horse believes that no one has all the answers when it comes to winning from betting. In some areas there are no concrete answers to be had. Furthermore, in a subject matter which is totally subjective our lifetime experience is once you think you have the game beat … Continue reading

The Racing Horse Racing Index

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The Racing Horse has truly established itself as a trustworthy profit-making association. We launched in June 2011 so approach our fourth year in business in good spirits. We had five years of testing before that with and Our regular Pacafi100 members are secure in the knowledge that we win money from betting … Continue reading

The Amygdala

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Emotion comes before thought Most of those who bet are aware that the activity of betting triggers several emotions and it is these emotions that can sometimes get the best of our better judgement. From the rush of excitement in spotting value in a bet until the time the result is known, emotions of … Continue reading