200 WINNERS from 365 bets!

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Since the launch of The Racing Horse and whilst under the close scrutiny of Matt Bisogno of www.geegeez.co.uk the site has nominated 230 selections that met the criteria of the Pacafi Bet. This strategy removes and filters both randomness and negative influences thus making it less vulnerable. It has a high strike rate and there no long losing runs. Any system or strategy must be able to make profits to level stakes if it is to be taken seriously - our strategy makes incremental profits to level stakes, it always has. Whilst not guaranteeing instant wealth it WINS money and does not lose.

Number of selections : 230
Number of winners : 123 (53.47%)
Number of losers : 107 (46.52%)

The average price of our winners is between 11/10 and 5/4. They were neither best prices available nor Betfair prices. At prices given there was a profit of 34 points to level stakes (Our longest losing run was seven).

On our previous trial with www.horseracingsystemsuk.com did a little better (up 2.56%) and we have tried to understand the disparity. Our understanding is that the pressure of launching the new site and being under the watchful eye of Matt our arm may have tightened and we have not been so relaxed when giving our selection. We have, on occasions, tried too hard...

Number of selections : 135
Numbers of winners : 77 (57.03%)
Number of losers : 58 (42.96%)

The average price of our winners is between 11/10 and 5/4. They were neither best prices available nor Betfair prices. At prices given there was a profit of 21 points to level stakes (Our longest losing run was six).

So in nearly 18 months of trials with two reputable associations we have given:

Number of selections : 365
Number of winners : 200 (54.79%)
Number of losers : 165 (45.20%)

We think this is a nice sized sample and are happy to send you the results on a spreadsheet on request. It is worth noting that nearly all the selections were made the night before or early morning. The bet did not have the advantage of last minute news including betting patterns. On occasions the ground turned just enough to affect a few bets and we even had jockey changes that would have disqualified the bet had we known. We emphasise that these results were at level stakes, we did much better with our gently progressive (not aggressive) staking plan which is a percentage of the bank bet. We also employ a strength of bet but would not advise that to the reader unless he has total belief in what he/she is doing!

Not included in the winners, losers and percentages are our Cheltenham selections in March and for the second year running under scrutiny we nominated 10 winners. Last year the profit was exactly 16 points this year it was 15.33. This makes the most conservative estimate of profit at 86 points since operations started. We are part of the 2% that WIN money at betting...

Unlike most other sites we do not complicate gambling. We totally agree with John Duncan of Profit Magnets who said: "Gambling really isn’t all that complicated although when you look at what is available today as gambling resources you could be forgiven for believing that is complicated. It pays to remember that some people just like to have you believe that it is all a great mystery". He continued: "Gambling is not rocket science, gambling is 100% discipline, attitude, determination, and sensible, repeatable mathematical practises assisted wherever possible by good information. The approach to it, your expectation level, needs to be correct, and the way you think about it needs to be correct and the practises you employ to put it into motion need to be correct."

The Racing Horse practice what John Duncan preaches...

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